Scofflaw Reviews

What the critics are saying about Clint Morgan's "SCOFFLAW," released June, 2016 by Lost Cause Records:

"A sweeping conceptual masterpiece of Americana. One of the Top Ten best roots albums of 2016." (Nick Cristiano/Philadelphia Inquirer)


"A sprawling, out-of-left-field Americana masterpiece." (BVT News) "I highly recommend 'Scofflaw' for the way Clint Morgan not only tells difficult stories, but also shows how some pretty dark moments can turn into times of redemption and hope." (Eric Steiner/Bluesletter)


"A 19-song set full of Americana-flavored blues, boogie woogie and country with healthy doses of old school rock and roll. It's a sound that recalls bits of pieces of artists like Paul Thorn and Watermelon Slim while still allowing plenty of Morgan's ample personality to shine through...for those who discover this diamond in the rough, they'll be smitten with Morgan's great songwriting and his rich musical backdrop, dripping with southern flavored Americana." (Andrew Greenhaigh/Country Standard Time)


"If cookie-cutter country music leaves you cold, check out Clint Morgan. On his sophomore release, the singer-songwriter and boogie woogie piano player drives a rootsy sound that mixes blues and rock with country in the spirit of Steve Earle and Johnny Cash" (Mike Cote/Union Leader)


"The romantic allure of post-Civil War outlaws like Jesse James, Cole Younger, and the Daltons are still motivating songwriters one hundred fifty years later. It’s impossible to listen to this epic themed album without recalling Paul Kennerley’s 'Legend of Jesse James', which was issued in 1980….the music sounds pretty similar, mostly country and rockabilly, but 'Scofflaw' leans much more toward blues and gospel too. One reason the two albums sound somewhat alike, aside from the subject matter, is that Morgan’s voice is reminiscent of Johnny Cash both in tone and phrasing...The rich liner notes further explain the stories. There’s plenty to dig into here and you don’t often find a collection of players across multiple genres on one record. Listen up as Morgan has tales to tell." (Jim Hynes/Elmore)


"With his classic country baritone voice and a delivery that ranges from sly to desperate, vocalist/pianist Morgan proves one more time that villains can be as charming as they are ruthless... Mr. Morgan's studio backup is first-rate and guesting vocally are Maria Muldaur and Diunna Greenleaf. Strong airplay candidates include 'Waco', 'D.B. Cooper Blues' and a splendidly country-fied workup of the Johnny O’Keefe rock classic,'Wild One'." (Duane Verh/Roots Music Report)


"'Scofflaw' is a weighty tome, a creation melding the complexities of beauty and ugliness that few recording projects attempt let alone accomplish. It will be displayed in pride of place alongside 'The Man from God Knows Where', 'My Favorite Picture of You', 'American Ballads', 'The Way I Should' and other classic folk recordings on my shelf. But, not yet—I want to listen again." (Donald Teplyske/Fervor Coulee) "


"A captivating listen from beginning to end." (Mark Smith/Music Revue)


"This just may be the best CD you will hear this year!…outstanding...he musicians are top rate, the quality of the recording is just right, this is one you've got to have!" (Barry Faust/Smoky Mountain Blues Society)


"The first time I ever heard of Clint Morgan was when I received 'Scofflaw' to review. And do you want to hear my objective opinion? I was blown away pretty much. This is in no way an ordinary album...Clint Morgan is a gifted blues and boogie-woogie piano player who sounds like early Johnny Cash and sometimes like Willie Nelson...Honestly, this album is amazing. I have never heard anything quite like it…I was enthralled." (Rhetta Akamatsu/Making A Scene)


"If you love traditional blues with traditional themes, then you are going to love this wonderful set by pianist/vocalist Clint Morgan, who explores a plethora of traditional styles, many based around criminality with spirituality and gospel thrown in for good measure...a set that delights on all levels." (Mick Rainsford/Blues In Britain)


"5 stars ***** outstanding...If you like piano-powered music including boogie, rock, jazz and more, here’s one for you." (Ricky Flake/Sun Herald) "


'Scofflaw' is truly a prime example of Americana at its best. Deeply rooted in folklore and legend, bringing images from the old west and the depression years up into modern times. The characters are timeless and this is an album that will continue to grow on you with each subsequent listen. Each number is like watching its own movie. Spectacular story-telling done right." (Greg Johnson/Cascade Blues Association)


"Singer, songwriter, piano player and master storyteller Clint Morgan manages to capture the pain and desperation of a life devoid of all hope, as well as the joy when things turn for the better. I have quite honestly never heard it done incredibly powerful and passionate piece of work." (Bill Wilson/Reflections In Blue)


"Excellent musicianship makes this one blues history lesson we know you’ll enjoy!" (Don & Sheryl Crow/Nashville Blues Society)


"All pretenders to the roots music throne better get out the way of this comer that hits it out of the park with ease. Hot stuff throughout." (Chris Spector/Midwest Record)


"I knew I was going to like the new Clint Morgan 'Scofflaw' CD even before I stuck it in the player...great stories set to rough and rowdy music." (Jim Clark/The Courier) "Clint Morgan has a new CD called 'SCOFFLAW' that just may be the best CD you will hear this year! Singer, songwriter, and pianist Clint Morgan will soon be known worldwide for this outstanding CD. I rarely gush, but .... Get a copy! You can hear it 20 times and still hear new stuff. Just top notch! If you don’t like this one, you better give up music! Clint Morgan – SCOFFLAW……soon to be a household words!" (Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society)


"Rootsy american music at its most accomplished." (Big City Blues) "A potent mix of roots music." (Tom Wilk/ICON)


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